I am bored and looking for good fanfiction …

Where can I find good fics?!

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Because wet Hiddles is the best Hiddles.

everyone should have this on their blogs.

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What does it mean to be a rising star?

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Chris Evans has been known to grab people’s left boob, so my question for both of you is have you ever had your left boob grabbed by Chris Evans? (x)
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Chris Evans
like srsly
they make me so frustrated
i have long lashes but i think his are even longer!
like wtf!?

Chris Evans’ eyelashes are ridiculous!

pass it on

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I blew all my covers, I gotta go figure a new one out.

That might take a while.

I’m counting on it.

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i like it pretty much
please let me know what you think?!
chris evans
captain america
steve rogers
and i was fangirling so much while writing it hahaha

Pssst … I wrote another silly (short) Chris Evans one shot on my new fanfiction blog. Click here if you want to read it :3

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